Make deep friendships by growing your Friendship Fitness with games, comedy, and the Friendship Simulator.

A Friend 4Life is a person who knows you – warts and all – and still loves you. They support you unconditionally in times of joy and sorrow.

But it takes more than just meeting someone – deep friendships take mindsets, skills, and the right opportunities.

Why a
Friend 4Life?

2 out of 3 young adults say they are seriously lonely. Friends help us enjoy life, but they also help extend it –
by 7 years!* That’s more than diet & exercise combined.

How it works

We assess your “friendship fitness”: do you have what it takes to Make a Friend4Life? We then guide you through science-based games, personalized for your situation. Finally, you get to apply it to real-world friends.

Test our prototype

We’re in testing now, but you can sign up to test our next version.


“Deeply insightful. By the end, I saw the way I build relationships in a new and positive way.

– Matt Hazzard,


– Cindy Swan, Dog Walker

This is a blessing for everyone. It will help lower our stress and is a great resource for physical & mental health.

– Hyder Zahed, Ph.D., scientist

About Us

We are a team of accomplished professionals, committed to helping people make friends

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*Sources: Pomoroy (2019); Holt-Lunstad et al. (2015); Shaw et al. (2000)

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